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Education - Voice and Data networks

With our Public Sector frameworks you don't need to go out to tender; you can order direct from AdEPT Telecom

JANET Framework Agreement

AdEPT Telecom is one of a small number of companies approved under a Joint Academic Network (JANET) Framework Agreement to sell data connectivity and multi-site MPLS data networks to UK Colleges and Universities.

Connectivity speeds available from 2Mb up to an incredible 100Gb Optical Spectrum Service.


AdEPT Telecom provides voice and data services to hundreds of Schools across the UK.

Some of the Schools procure centrally through a County Council and many others contract with AdEPT Telecom directly. All schools can use our Public Sector Telecom frameworks.

Ian Fishwick

CEO, AdEPT Telecom


Imagine how much internet bandwidth a teenager needs in your home with all of those devices. Now imagine what happens when nearly 10,000 teenagers turn up on the same site.

That is what happens at a University and why they are leading the UK in high bandwidth solutions up to 100Gb.

Terry Hayden

Chief Technologist, AdEPT Telecom